Today I went out and repaired our central AC. It's a 3-Ton Weather King 10AJB36A01. A week ago we noticed the house was no longer cooling and I went out to discover a buzzing noise from the Compressor/Condensor/Fan unit outside. I was able to stop and start the unit and the fan would run for a while and then visibly slow down making a weird noise and finally stop. Buzzing alone can sometimes mean that just the capacitor is bad. So, I went and got a new capacitor and tried that first, but got the same general results. Short fan run followed by buzzing. By the way, this unit uses a 45/3 MFD 370 Volt capacitor. So, it was obvious that the motor was just worn and giving out. I removed the old motor and ordered a new fan motor online (Part #51-100999-04). This is the entire process of reinstalling everything. To disassemble you would just do everything I'm doing here in reverse order. WARNING: ALWAYS BE EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS AROUND HIGH VOLTAGE, CAPACITORS AND PRESSURIZED LINES! DISCONNECT ANY POWER SOURCES AND HANDLE CAPACITORS WITH RUBBER GLOVES!