repair Click on the little blue link that started this video description) for more information on the best AC repair in Fort Lauderdale and the tri-county area.

(954) 749-0800 All Service Air Conditioning is the absolute number one (numero uno) choice for AC repair Fort Lauderdale, Florida, (as well as Boca Raton) among local residents who are in the know. Just what is it that they know?

They are aware that one simple phone call to is going to bring them quick service from a certified air conditioning professional who is a master repair person. All Services will beat any written quote you have received from a licensed (legal) AC contractor by an astounding and surreal, twenty five percent. (Not a typo. 25%.)

Get a second opinion today & save some (maybe A LOT) of your hard earned cash today. You can even get free estimates over the phone (954) 749-0800.

All Services Air Conditioning has actually been doing AC repair in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding cities for a quarter of a century. Our customers are loyal, but they don't have to call us a lot because we are so good at what we do.

All Services is licensed, insured and totally honest. So don't take a chance when it comes to repairing your air conditioning in Fort Lauderdale, FL. If anyone can repair your old AC, we can and will do it. You can count on us to do the right thing for you. It matters not whether you need commercial AC repair, like a hotel tower or huge condo unit, or if you have residential air conditioning. All Services sells, installs and repairs all kinds of climate control systems, (hence our name.)

(Unlike a number of our Fort Lauderdale,Florida competitors -- whom you may have seen on the local news -- we will never EVER try to pressure you into replacing your unit when we know that your air conditioner can be repaired.)

We've seen reports where TV news departments do undercover investigations on AC repair in Fort Lauderdale (and, to be fair, many other cities, as well). It is disappointing how many companies tell the undercover investigator that they need an expensive repair or even a complete air conditioning unit replacement when the truth is that a five dollar part needs to be replaced.

We really keep hoping that one of these TV stations will call us because it would be awesome promotion for us and you better believe we would have that report showing our honest and integrity plastered all over the world wide web.

Regardless of whether you have residential or commercial air conditioning (or heating) needs, we are the ones to call. We offer senior citizen discounts as a way of thanking them for all the good work they have contributed to the community through the years.

Call us right now for more information. You will be extremely glad that you did. (954) 749-0800

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