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Are you looking for top Ac repair and ac installation company in The Scaramento Area?
At J.R. Putman Air Conditioning we aren't just a top-notch HVAC company - we are part of the community.

You're never just a customer with us.

Sacramento is known by many as paradise. Known for its hot summer days, it can be a

wonderful city to live on.

But there is one thing that has the power to ruin your day without warning...your air

conditioning system.

Can you imagine trying to sleep in the middle of the desert with 100% humidity? That's

more or less how it feels when your air conditioning goes out.

JR Putnam provides the best residential air conditioning repair, installation, and

maintenance in Houston. JR Putnam all makes and models of central air conditioning

systems. We provide exceptional customer service, expertly completed air conditioner

repairs and installations, and total customer satisfaction.

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Air Conditioning Replacement & Installation
Air Conditioning Repairs
Air Conditioning Maintenance & Tune Up Plan (BAM)

The temperature in Sacramento Area during the hot summer season can be unbearable. There are home

owners and businesses who have air conditioning working efficiently, but there are times

when units break down and need repairs.
Affordable A/C Repairs Available 24/7

JR Putnam knows that your A/C system can malfunction unexpectedly — that’s why

we’re available 24/7 for emergency repairs at an affordable price. So if you’re have

trouble with your air conditioning unit and are looking for an HVAC technician for

repairs, give us a call today.

Welcome to the 24 hour emergency air conditioning service for Sacramento, Ca.

If you need help now, dial our receiptionst at (916) 638-2442 and we will get help to you

right now. That's (916) 638-2442 and will have a receiptionst standing by for your call.

Thank you for contacting the 24 hour emergency air conditioning service for Miami, FL.

We look forward to helping you.

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