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Types of HVAC Systems
Split systems, mini-splits, furnaces and boilers are just a few of the choices for your home. If you've done an energy efficiency assessment of your home, maybe had some additional insulation installed, and you’re hiring a heating or cooling systems professional then now’s the time to decide on the right HVAC system for your home.

Newer systems today provide many more options, such as variable fan speeds and multiple stages of heating and cooling.

Single or Multi-Stage?

Single-stage heating and cooling is popular in colder winter climates and hot and humid areas, respectfully, because the systems are set to provide comfort for the coldest or warmest days of the year. But that also means that a great majority of the time, these heating systems or air conditioners are operating at full capacity when they don’t need to be. That's where a multi-stage system comes in handy and can save you energy and money.

You can get a single-stage system with variable fan speeds to create a variable air flow though that variation is limited. You may not experience much of a difference, because the heating or cooling unit is still working at its maximum output.

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