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Every Summer, air conditioners will break down and need repair in Roanoke TX. Last summer, Seal technicians serviced a Rheem classic air conditioner that needed repair. As a routine, we do a complete check of the HVAC system.

One of the steps is to identify the type of AC unit that is on the outside. Look for the data plate, its not a hard steel plate but a sticker that the manufacturer puts on the unit. This will tell you a lot of useful information, primarily the refrigerant type. Air conditioners is an evolving industry. With that said, they the industry is trying to make a more efficient and earth friendly product.

In this video, the AC unit in Roanoke is an R22 system. R22 will be unavailable in the near future due the Environmental Protection Agency banning it because the ozone depletion chemicals in it. All air conditioning systems are now made for the R410 refrigerant. When checking this particular unit, we will notice that the pressures are much lower than the R410 AC units. Be sure to wash the condenser coils thoroughly because if air flow is restricted, it will affect the performance of the air conditioner.

The other things that need to be checked are the capacitor. For this you will need a multi-meter that can read microfarads. Next, check the high voltage system to ensure that 240v are coming into the condensing unit. With your multimeter, do an amp probe on the compressor while it is running.

Older HVAC systems tend to pull higher amps. This means that the air conditioner is working for the utility company and not your house. If everything looks good on the outside, the problem may be coming from the inside. Perhaps the thermostat may have a low voltage fault of the circuit board has an issue.

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