Is your broken air conditioner making this summer a little too hot? This may change your family dress code, making bathing suits your normal outfit. A broken A/C is an omen of discomfort, sweat, and sleepless nights.

But, for less than a day, you can get an American Home Shield home protection plan, which will cover your air conditioner. These plans not only cover your air conditioner, but they also cover the repair and replacement of over 20 home appliances and home systems components. This means you'll have a working air conditioner and won't have to wear your bathing suit around the house. One our trained contractors will arrive at your house at the earliest convenience to repair or replace the AC unit, turning your oversized sauna back into a home.

American Home Shield provides home protection plans and home warranty plans that cover repairs and maintenance on home systems and appliances. They offer a wide variety of plans for everyone's needs including preventative maintenance plans.

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