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Auto HVAC Vacuum Repair


For many years, automotive HVAC or climate control systems, were vacuum based, when it came to all the air flap actuators. The vacuum source was the engine vacuum itself, and a vacuum reservoir was also used. Other manufacturers, like Mercedes Benz, used a dedicated vacuum pump to generate the required vacuum, used to operate the air flaps. Regardless of where the vacuum comes from, we will now discuss this system in depth.

The main purpose of using vacuum in the car's HVAC system is for flap door actuation. The newer way to do the actuation of the flap doors, is through electrical power, or using motors. Why was vacuum abandoned for the most part? The answer is due to control. Electric actuators afford a wider range of control. Also, the vacuum actuator technology exposed here is more costly to implement.

There are three basic components to any vacuum HVAC actuation control system. These are, a vacuum source, either engine or pump, the vacuum diaphragm actuators, and the ...

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