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An eight zone Daikin ductless mini split system installed in 3 story house in New city NY, Two condensing units of 32,000 Btu each installed on the outside wall of the house in order to keep system safer, each outdoor condensing unit connected through refrigerant line sets to four wall mounted indoor units, total eight indoor units installed in three floors, each indoor units individually controlled, The system provide heating and cooling using Heat pump technology with fully inverter compressor, each indoor united controlled via wireless remote. Daikin 4MX high efficiency Multi zone Air conditioning and heating system rated 18 SEER in most extreme conditions, any of the indoor units can be set to a different temperature or some can be shut down in non-occupied rooms which will increase dramatically the efficiency and the SEER rating, The indoor units are extremely quite as low as 26 dB, The outdoor unit is so quite hardly noticed from 3 ft.