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Water heater won’t light or leaking water? This video provides information on how a gas water heater works and offers troubleshooting tips to assist you in diagnosing and repair.

Here is a list of the most commonly replaced parts associated with each water heater symptom:

Water heater does not heat: thermocouple, pilot, gas valve, solenoid, draft inducer, ignition module
Water heater leak: temperature and pressure relief valve, drain valve
Water heater does not light: igniter, pressure switch, thermocouple, pilot, spark electrode
Water heater is too hot: gas valve and thermostat assembly, heating element, thermostat

How to disassemble your gas water heater:

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All of the information provided in this electric water heater troubleshooting video is applicable to the following brands: AO Smith, Bradford White, Coleman, Lennox, Maytag

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