heating and cooling
Hey folks! This is part ONE of SEVERAL videos coming out VERY SOON!
There will be a part 2, possibly 3 of the Evaporator pull and cleaning.

Follow up videos will include building a Filter Base to hold a sizable filter; many
mobile homes and other down-flow units don't come with filter bases installed
to properly hold filters (installers/manufacturers being cheap) as well as some
Up-flow units with poor (hard to access) filter bases on the bottom. (possibly a
future video)

After that a short video of buying a SIZABLE filter and cutting and fitting it to fit
a non-standard or unusual system. ...so if you have problems finding filters to fit
your unit or a customers unit you should look forward to that video.

I'll be putting together a short video in the near future listing of upcoming projects
both as a notice for my subscribers (and hopefully future ones!) as well as being
a motivational video to keep me on track! (we all know how easily I get distracted! haha)

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REMEMBER: This video is intended for technicians, other licensed professionals and those going to school for hvac, leave

testing and repair to the professionals!
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