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HVAC Repair Bennington-Manchester Vermont

In the midst of a heatwave and your AC needs repair? Winter storm and no heat? Please call Main Care Energy at 800-542-5552 to schedule an emergency service call for your HCAV repairs or installation.

Main-Care Energy serving the Bennington Manchester Vermont area we can provide 24-hour service 7 days a week, even on Holidays, we are always opened and your call will be answered by one of our owner employee staff.

Main-Care Energy for HVAC repairs, service and installation. We also offer great fuel budgeting plans with our Price Protection Program so call today, one stop shopping for all your heating cooling needs with Main Care Energy 800-542-5552.

One of the worst things that could happen to you is finding out you have a problem with your HVAC and that it needs a repair. There are so many companies out there that promise you the world, but never seem to deliver and many people feel that they have been ripped off after the service has been conducted. We recommend you to look out for subtle signs when you think your HVAC need to be repaired and then you can make the decision on when to call us out in order to come check up on it.
Our team at Main Care Energy make your problems our number one priority with our amazing customer service and brilliant service teams. Out technicians have years of experience under the belt and they make it their mission to treat your HVAC repair as if it were their own. Some of the signs can be very misleading and you do not always know when to call. Luckily we always know when an HVAC needs a repair and here are some of the most common signs that you need to spot before you call us out.

A fluctuation in temperature
If your AC has always worked brilliantly without fluctuating in temperature and then it suddenly spikes or drops then you need a repairman. This is especially important if the cold setting does not make the room as cold as it should. We will be able to come out, investigate the AC unit, and deduce the problem. It might be something small, but then again it might be something big. You know what they say: prevention is better than cure! Rather let us come and see what we can do to help than to pay a heavy bill at the end of the month.

A leakage
It is very natural for the external box of an AC unit to drip with water – this means that it is working properly. However, if too much water escapes at the back it is never a good signs. If an immediate puddle forms from the box after you have switched the unit on then you should phone us immediately. Leakages and unnecessary water spillage could also spike your utility bills, and it is easily avoidable if you call in our professional team of experts. We will be more than happy to come up and mop up the mess!

A broken air filter
This should be something that gives you an alert immediately, especially if the air filter is fairly new. There might be something underlying that is causing the air filter to be broken. We will be able to disassemble the unit and to take a closer look back where the flashlight does not always reach. It will be fixed in no time at all!

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HVAC Repair Bennington-Manchester Vermont