repair We are a full HVAC service, repair and installation Company; we service Coquitlam and most of the Greater Vancouver area. We can be reached at 604-945-4822. We are Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning specialists. We provide complete cooling and heating services for all commercial applications.

Our Services Include:

Commercial furnace repair work
Complete HVAC system design with installation
Routine maintenance schedules

Our service and repair technicians are very experienced, highly skilled, and receive ongoing training. This helps us provide quality service and advice when you need professional help with your commercial Heating and cooling needs.

We are experienced on all types of commercial Air Conditioning systems and welcome the opportunity to be of service. On any given day you may find us servicing or installing Rooftop Units, Cooling Towers, Commercial Air Conditioners, Controls, Variable Air Volume Units, Cooling towers and the list goes on.

We ensure that your equipment is the correct solution for your building. A technician that is not properly trained can make mistakes such as using the incorrect equipment sizes and specifications. This could lead to inefficiencies, and poor performance. We use our training and experience to make sure the job is done correctly the first time.

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. So you can see how the three functions are so interrelated. Our technicians have to design, thermal comfort, satisfactory air quality in a building and at reasonable installation and operation costs with long term affordable maintenance costs to prevent the inconveniences of down times. The science of air delivery and removal of air between spaces is not a job for inexperienced people and the room air distribution is something that must be understood and done correctly.

We always remind our clients that regular maintenance is the best way to keep your systems working properly and help prevent long term costs and inconvenience. It is our priority to respond to our customers quickly. Our customers can be assured their HVAC repair, service and installations are done properly.

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For Friendly and knowledgeable advice call Noah 604-836-4822.