Video for Licensed HVAC Professionals ONLY, Please Do NOT attempt any Procedures without Professional HVAC Training! (Hazardous)
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Rochester Heating & Air Serves the Louisville Kentucky Area , including but not limited to :
Fern Creek , Middletown , J-town , St.Matthews , Valley Station , PRP , Shivley etc...

Rochester Heating & Air Specializes in Residential HVAC Service , and New Equipment Change Outs , we carry the American Standard brand of Equipment .
If you are looking to update your HVAC Equipment do your homework , please get a minimum of 3 bids , and go with the contractor you trust !

Some Questions you should ask your Kentucky Master HVAC Contractor ,
before any work begins
*=Kentucky Law
*Licensed Kentucky Master HVAC Contractor (ask to see License)
*Do you carry Insurance (ask for Certificate of Insurance)
*Do you pull proper Permits ( ask for Permit before Job begins)
Do you perform a HVAC-Load Calc (ask to see Load-Calc) this ensures the proper size of equipment will be installed , highly recommended for Equipment Change Outs , and is Kentucky Law on New Construction .

Please feel free to contact Rochester Heating & Air to answer any of your Questions concerning your Future HVAC Installation . Just visit our web site to get in touch with us .

Thank You for watching our HVAC videos !!!
Rochester Heating and Air
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