Right now, about per day since it's 30° outside. When its a little warmer or we set the stat back a few degrees, it drops to .80 per day.

This is a follow up video to my original video describing my new mini split air source heat pump system. One of the most common questions was about operating costs, so I hooked up my energy monitor to it and measured the actual energy use. You can buy an energy monitor like the one I have at Amazon. One I can recommend is the Efergy which is about . http://www.amazon.com/dp/product/B003XOXU02/?&tag=g07de-20

I also wrote a blog post on my website about how to calculate and compare fuel costs using the Cost Per Million BTU charts that are also available on my site. http://greatlakeshomeperformance.com/how-much-cheaper-is-it-to-run-a-heat-pump-than-an-lp-boiler/