Was on-board 12032 ADI-BCT AC Double Decker Express on 10th Oct 2012 from Surat to BVI!!! The LOCO incharge was BRC WAP-5 30046 and arrived ST 15mins late ie at 0937 on PF-3 as PF-2 was occupied by BRC-BLD Express. Took me around 7mins to reach my seat as there were a lot of people boarding from Surat. The train started moving at 0944 ie 17mins late and crawled all the way till UDN Outer as BRC-BLD was just ahead of us and also due to TSR on a Bridge Between ST and UDN. At UDN, we started accelerating while overtaking BRC-BLD Express which was on the other side. Skipped NVS at MPS at 1008 and AML at 1016. DGI was crossed at 1028 and BL at 1032 before slowing down for a TSR just after BL. Reached VAPI at 1050 19min late and departed 1052. Crawled BLD at 1104 dont know the reason. Again accelerated and crossed GVD at 1121 and DRD at 1126. VGN Crossed at 1133, BOR at 1138 and PLG at 1144. Started slowing down after skipping KLV at 1150 and were halted at SAH outer for 5 more minutes. BCNA was entering the LOOP. As soon as the tracks cleared, we started moving again through VTN and were again made to halt at VR Outer. Virar again accelerated and caught up to the EMU at BYR. After BYR, it was a not so fast run into BVI. Reached BVI at 1238 ie 20mins late!!!!!