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Tel .: 511-990-853 (only Polish)
email: [email protected]

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I offer repair service vents / regeneration of broken flap mixer (heater) in the Peugeot 407 / Citroen C5 II.

If your car AC unit has a poor performance (and is impaled), poorly warms or on one side of the cool air vents fly and the other warm, and there is no possibility of temperature control, 99% have damaged the plastic flap mixer.

After the initial diagnosis, the flaps are removed problematic WITHOUT REMOVING THE DASHBOARD AND STEERING COLUMN AND pit, ALSO NEED NOT drain GAS AS DO TO OTHER WEBSITES!

There is no question of any damage to the engine, the electronics or hooks, which as you know the 407 is a lot.
Cracked flaps are then regenerated by welding and strengthening their structures.
NO SENSE TO PUT NEW FLAP, BECAUSE EVEN THESE "supposed" STRENGTHENED FURTHER break! - If you do not believe, give us a call and introduce you to reliable evidence (pictures of broken flap after 1 year of use).
The next step is the installation of dampers in place and checking activities.

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Service timing approx. 1-2 hours.

Total repair cost: 500PLN (ca.114€)

Place: Piotrkow Trybunalski , POLAND

At the service we offer 6-month warranty.
I encourage you to contact through email, sms or phone.

Tel .: 511-990-853 (only Polish)
email: [email protected]

The service is of course done by legitimate enterprise - issue receipts / guarantee. We specialize only in cars PSA (Peugeot & Citroen) because we guarantee a professional repair

We also offer:
Repair damaged ventilation (no change in temperature) Peugeot 307 / Citroen C4 / CC without dismantling the dashboard
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Blanking EGR valve / EGR OFF
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computer diagnostics Renault / Dacia - CAN CLIP
off sensors in the tires Peugeot / Citroen / Renault
measuring the thickness of a professional automotive paint meter - check before you buy
Driver installation for daytime running lights (St. long candle at 30% of capacity as VW, Audi)
installation of automatic opening of the tailgate with the remote control button (407 sedan)

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