heat and air conditioning
Chillers and other HVAC units are commonly utilised in modern commercial buildings and manufacturing companies for climate control. This video highlights the simplicity of Belzona repair and protection systems for HVAC equipment damaged by erosion and corrosion.
Chillers can be costly for facilities; they use a lot of energy and require regular maintenance. This video demonstrates the use of Belzona 1121 (Super XL-Metal) to repair and rebuild to a HVAC Chiller Tube sheet from erosion and corrosion. Followed by a single coat Belzona 1321 (Ceramic S-Metal) to provide long term erosion, corrosion and temperature resistance to the chiller.
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Step 1: Insert corks into tubesheet to plug the openings
Step 2: Fasten corks and enclose tubesheet for blasting
Step 3: Mix Belzona 1121
Step 4: Apply Belzona 1121 onto the entire tubesheet including corks
Step 5: When Belzona 1121 cures, tape bolts to avoid production from crossing over
Step 6: Mix Belzona 1321 and apply onto the cured Belzona 1121
Step 7: Remove the corks
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Find out more information at http://www.belzona.com/en/applications/hex.aspx