heat and air conditioning
http://www.airgroupllc.com At what point should I consider replacing my air conditioner? Air Group's Bill Esdale talks about the reasons to consider a new unit. The first reason, which should be obvious, is the cost of repair. If the old unit requires frequent service calls, it's probably time to replace it with a new unit. A second reason, which will not be so obvious, is the unit's electrical consumption. Today's units use much less electricity than the older ones -- which means lower electric bills for you. And a third reason is rebates - with a high efficiency replacement, you are eligible for rebates from both the utility company and the manufacturer. So take these factors into consideration -- service cost, energy savings and rebates -- and decide if the time is right to replace your older central AC unit with a new energy efficient system from Carrier. If you'd like some information to help in the decision, call Air Group.