I saved about 0 repairing this heater cover. I had nothing to lose to try. It cost be about Dollars for Epoxy Repair Materials, and was a resounding Success.

Guys, I am very sorry that my video is not better quality. It was getting dark, but I wanted to share this, because I believe its valuable information that could help other people. In Canada, parts like these are more than 2 times the cost to buy than the USA. This heater would have cost me over 0 by the time I paid shipping and Taxes. I have nothing to lose, even though I was not certain the heater would even work, because I had winterized the hot tub three yeas earlier and had not used it since.

If you ever do replace your Hottub Heater, do not throw it away, especially the cover. I am certain you could easily sell that for dollars, seeing as you cannot buy them.

Thanks for watching my Video. I have another one I did on a flow switch assembly repair. Check it out.