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There are many reasons why someone would want to supplement their propane heating with an alternative heating system such as a ductless heat pump. For example, perhaps you have a room or a couple of rooms that are hard to keep comfortable. Perhaps you are concerned with running out of propane during the winter and you’d like to have a backup heat source. Maybe you’re looking for a high efficiency system that is found in mini split ductless heat pumps. Regardless of the reasons why, Steve Ohl, an energy expert with R.F. Ohl, talks about the options available to you by heating your home with Mitsubishi mini split ductless heating units.

Also, you get the added benefit of air conditioning along with heating when you install a ductless unit, giving you year round comfort. Heating with propane is a totally legitimate option however there have been significant advancements in ductless heat technology and amazing increases in energy efficiency. If you’ve looking for a green energy solution and one that is cost effective, easy to install, quiet to operate and blends into your home, then consider a mini split ductless unit as an alternative or a supplement to your propane gas heating system.

R.F. Ohl is an home heating oil and propane delivery company as well as an HVAC installer. We are a complete service company and can help you achieve a comfortable home. We service Northeastern PA and install ductless heating systems throughout Carbon, Lehigh, Northampton, Monroe and Schuylkill Counties in PA. We install and service all types of heating systems and we are confident that we can find the best solution for your home and your budget.

R.F. Ohl prides ourselves in delivering great service for our customers. We are a family run business built on strong core values and are a heating equipment installation company that you can trust. Contact R.F. Ohl to experience the best service in the industry. Our customers have come to rely on our 24/7 live customer service. They know they can trust the professional, local HVAC company in R.F. Ohl.

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